Why I started a blog at 25

I wrote a whole article about this, which then branched into about a dozen different subjects- so I decided that I’ll split it all up and write several posts instead, to publish over time.

To give you a general idea, these posts will cover subjects like the gig-economy, personal branding, visibility, influence and content marketing.

The main reason for starting this blog is that I want to partake in the industries that I love (communication, technology, fashion, marketing etc.) and actively control my online presence.

It’s so easy to just work without being visible, but it’s much more effective to show people who you are – instead of letting them fill in the gaps for you.

I’ll try to dedicate a full post on the benefits I’ve experienced since I started taking some initiative in my industry. *stay tuned*.

I’m also obsessed with content creation, curation and content-driven marketing, so it only seems right that I too practice what I preach.

I’m going to try out a whole lot of different methods so it’s a bit of an experiential website this, hehe.

It’s a lil scary putting myself out here so I’m super grateful for every single one of you that came here to have a read.

Please let me know any thoughts. I promise to only write about interesting and relevant stuff that I love and that you will love too.

Chat soon,


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