My name is Majlin Erica and I’m a PR & digital media/ content practitioner from Sweden. I currently live in Melbourne and have spent the past 4 years here, studying and now working.

I’m currently finishing a PR degree, working as an SEO client manager and community manager while casually blogging/ freelancing and secretly preparing for the *fourth industrial revolution* here at majlinerica.com

I have loved content creation since I discovered YouTube in 2006, which has led me to develop relevant skills over the years; photo & video editing, graphic design, social media management and writing.

Things I love include: communication, reading, exploring new cities, people, writing, sustainable fashion, technology, philosophy, social media (it’s a love-hate thing), futuristic dystopian conspiracies, cinema, natural beauty, red wine, innovation, pilates, languages, organising stuff & art.

Professional experience

I have previously managed social media campaigns and content marketing efforts, influencer collaborations, SEO strategy and execution, client and community management, e-commerce + website management (and design) and coordinated events such as tradeshows and photoshoots. I also write a fair bit.

My work- and internship experience extends across public relations, fashion, technology/start-ups and beauty, with local brands including: Mad Scientist Digital, Jetstar Australia, Digital Citizen, Luxe Deluxe, Huxbaby, The Forme, Brauz, Studio Hortenzia and Millattack Music.

Majlin Erica

The best way to contact me right now is via LinkedIn.