My name is Majlin Erica and I’m a PR & digital media/ content professional from Sweden. I Melbourne bound though (with man + cat), and have spent the past 4 years here, working in fashion, PR and startups.

I’m currently finishing my PR degree, working as a community manager at a digital agency and casually blogging/ freelancing/ secretly preparing for the *fourth industrial revolution* here at majlinerica.com .

I have loved content creation since 2006 (yes, I’m talking about the Harry Potter fan videos), which has led me to develop relevant skills over the years; photo & video editing, basic design work, web/ social media management and writing.

Lately though, I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics in PR, corporate social responsibility and leadership.

I’m not sure what to do with that yet, but I’m putting it out there.

Things I love include: PR, reading, fashion, philosophy, different kinds of people, writing, technology, social media (it’s a love/hate relationship), futuristic/dystopian conspiracies, the ocean, social justice, red wine, innovation, cinema, science, exploring new cities, sustainability, pilates, astrology (yes really), organising stuff & art.

Professional experience

I’ve done a lot of content creation & strategy for social media, organised digital campaigns/ marketing efforts and influencer collaboration. I’m pretty comfortable with SEO, e-commerce, creating & managing websites and coordinating events such as tradeshows and photoshoots. 

In my current role I spend most of my time writing and managing our online community (EDM’s, Slack & socials).

My work- and internship experience extends across PR, fashion & digital, with local brands including (but not limited to):
Luxe Deluxe, Jetstar Australia, Digital Citizen, Huxbaby, The Forme, Studio HortenziaMad House.

I’m also a Spin Sucks author and have previously been featured on PR Daily.